​Have you ever thought of a wedding destination where cool breeze surround the aura of the hosts and the audience? Well, when we talk about Beach weddings we picture a clear blue sky, soft sand and the unending beauty of the ocean.
​Come the season of weddings and we are burdened by the mere thought of the various chores that need to be taken care of. It takes a lot of work to pull off a wedding.
Weddings are a onetime affair in any person’s life and if it is not replete with entertainment ideas, not even a single person will remember the wedding. Entertainments at weddings are essential as they tend to lighten the mood of people
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In India, weddings are a celebration. A celebration of life, of joy and of the coming together of two families for forever. Alongside a long list of traditions, super dramatic dresses and family member chilling and having a good time; one cannot ignore how in dispensable part of weddings is the dance.
​Call it the influence of British and American TV series or the changing preferences of couples, weddings at the beach have been a definite favorite for an increasing proportion of the population and we are not surprised.
It doesn’t matter how old you get, you still wait for this day the whole year. That’s right, your birthday! This is the day when all your wishes come true.
A big step towards the everlasting happiness of a married life, the start of a special bond, the excitement of your world being filled with love and faith, indeed wedding marks the start of a new life for both the bride and the groom. A typical Indian wedding is not just a day which marks the start of the married life but a process of different events which together are known as “Indian wedding”. The big fat Indian weddings usually have over a thousand guests attending the wedding.